Sweet Faces | Fort Wayne Photographer

December has been a pretty good month around here.  There was Christmas…full of family, laughs and get togethers.  And! all four of my children home for more
than one day!  I find that, as they get older, I kind of like ’em.  😉 lol   It’s hard to believe that the New Year is just around the corner!  Where did the time fly off
to?  In 2011 my oldest graduated from high school and started college.  And now, in 2012, my baby girl will graduate high school and start college as well.  Seems
impossible.  And in 2013 my boys will graduate as well.  I’m ready for that!  haha  Plus, in December, I got to photograph some sweet faces…

First up:   Bugs.  A sweet 17 year old.  He was fairly indifferent to my camera.  Of course, what cat isn’t?  Does anyone else think that he reminds them of Bill the Cat?
Maybe it was his attitude.  Or it could just be me.   I have been known to make connections that other people just don’t see….Oh, btw, that’s cat nip on his chin.
I hear he’s addicted!

Then there was Lucy.  She was very cooperative.  As long as the turkey breast was free flowing! ha!  😀  She’ll be 14 on Valentine’s Day.  She’s getting to the
point in her life where everyday is a “bonus” day.  So, her sweet boy wanted some pics of her to remember her by.   Lucky me she’s a photogenic old gal!  Oh, and
to get a shot like this I had her owner hold the piece of turkey up and drop it when I said “go”.  If your shutter speed is fast enough, and you’ve got the
focus somewhat locked on where the pet’s eyes will be, you should get a sharp picture.  Of course, you need to have lots of turkey on hand if you need
several shots! 😉

And last, but definitely not in any way the least, is little Miss C.  She’s the beautiful new baby girl of a co-worker.  She was less than thrilled that I was there
to snatch her out of her momma’s loving arms for some pictures, but I did manage to get a few.  This one just happens to be my favorite of the bunch.  I’m
thinking that this printed super large and hung in her nursery would be awesome!!!  There are SO many times that I   1) wish I had done photography when
my children were babies and  2) am anxiously awaiting grandchildren.  But I can anxiously await for about ten more years! 😉

So as December comes to a close, and brings with it the end of 2011, I hope that you find some sweetness in your memories of the year.  I know I am very
appreciative of all the lovely faces, new and old friends, and exciting experiences that came to me over the last year.  And I’m hoping that 2012 will bring to
you and yours (and me and mine) all that best that it can hold!

-thanks for stopping by!


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