Oh Baby! | Fort Wayne Newborn Photographer

Ok, if you’re my friend on Facebook you’ve probably seen this image.  But, since I love it, you’re going to see it again!  😉  Isn’t she just THE cutest little bug you’ve
ever seen?  Aside from you own adorable babies, of course.  And no, even though I’ve known her mother since she was not much older than this punkin’ I am
not prejudiced.  I’m not.  🙂

Lucky for her she is in no need of clothing.  She’s got a few (or more) aunts and other various females in the family that like to shop.  And….since she’s the
first great-grandchild / niece  in the family…well….you get the idea of the amount of shopping bags that will be coming in her door!  Lucky for me they’ve all got great
taste!  How stinkin’ adorable is this little darling in her red dress?!?!  I’m hoping that she gets to see Santa in it.  The big guy will be totally smitten with her.

Speaking of smitten…I think we have a Daddy here who is wrapped tight around a certain little someone’s finger.  As well he should be!  I hope that in years
to come Little Miss A will love this photo of her and her daddy.  What little girl wouldn’t treasure a photo like this?  And what big girl
wouldn’t either? Wonder if I’d look cute in a headband standing next to my daddy…hmmm…lol

Now I mentioned that Daddy is wrapped tight…I neglected to mention Grandpa is too.  He got his motorcycle helmet out for Little Miss and we made great use
of it.   I’m thinking that this photo might just end up on his desk?  Or maybe even his cell phone  😉  And maybe, just maybe, grandpa will take this little
cutie patootey out for a ride when she’s big enough.  Maybe a sidecar is in very near future?  Does Harley Davidson make sidecars?  With baby seats in them?
Anyone thinking Santa?


Little Miss A (and her mommy and daddy) I hope you like your peek!  I had an awesome time playing with you photographing you! I’m hoping we can make it
a 3 month, 6 month, and yearly tradition! 😉

thanks for stopping by!




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