A Little Peek

I love shooting families.  It’s so fun to watch how they interact.  Especially when it’s a family that I’ve known for a long time.
Now, I know you’re thinking that I’m going to post a sneak peek of the family, right? Well, I’m not.  ‘Cause it’s my blog and I can
do whatever I want-lol 😉  So, I’m going to post this pic.  It’s Grandpa and grandson.  How stinkin’ cute are they?  Personally,
I think they look alike.  What do you think?

Yes, this family farms.  This year’s crop was corn.  So the guys nicely cut down a section in the field for photos.  Grandma told them too.
Gotta love a woman with a plan!  There’s also a nice expanse of grass.  Go figure…farm…corn….grass….barns….lot’s of options here, right?
And this shot?  This one was a quick “just line up in a row” shot.   But I really like how it turned out.  Little Man doesn’t look ornery at all here.
No sireee!  I think he was actually checking out my shooting skills–little man is a future photographer!  Seriously!

B Family I hope you like your little glimpse of your session!  I had a great time meeting up with you all!

thanks for stopping by!


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