Ways to Relax

As I’m sure you all know, even when you’re completely, totally swamped you HAVE to have some down-time.
So, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite mini “get-aways” with you.  First off, two recent finds at the library:

Such a sweet, sweet book.  Written in such a way as to make you think that perhaps, possibly,
dogs do think this way.

Next up is this one:

I’m not totally positive that I loved the book, but I enjoyed it very much.

And what do I snack while on my mini-vacations?  Well, popcorn is my snack of choice.  Second are
these little beauties.  Sweet and crunchy.  Perfect mix.

Of course, I can’t finish off my evenings without taking my turns in one of the hottest games going:
Words With Friends.  I find it quite addicting and since I’m very competitive it makes it all the more fun
to come up with words that have lots of points and fit just right.  If you’re addicted like I am, look me up!

So, if you’re looking for ways to relax and take a break check out one of my obsessions “get aways”!

-thanks for stopping by!


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