The Silver Lining | Fort Wayne Senior Photography

Meet Rachel.  Yes, she is absolutely adorable.  She’s also a real trooper.  Her session started out iffy at best.  There were raindrops.  Big, fat, photo session threatening
raindrops.  But we decided to see if it would pass.  At first we stayed close to cover.  And got some amazing shots.  Check it:

Yeah, you know what I’m going to say, right?  THOSE EYES!!!  Gotta love a brown eyed girl! 😉

After we were sure that the rain would stay away (which it did) we ventured to a nearby landmark, Salomon Farm.  Its one of my favorite places to shoot because
you get the feel of country right smack in the middle of a very busy area.  And there’s goats!  And a very friendly sheep who made Rachel nervous.  lol  Anyway,
Rachel on the farm?  Yeah, farm girls should be jealous of how adorable she is!  Here’s just one because I had to “eenie meenie minie mo” it to pick.

Rachel, I hope you like your sneak peek.  I had a great time playing in the parks with you!

-thanks for stopping by!


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