Ryan | Class of 2012 SpokesModel

Meet Ryan.  Ryan is a Senior Spokesmodel for Michelle Davies Photography for the Class of 2012 and I couldn’t be more pleased.
I mean, really, how could that smile not be a great representation for my business?  Who here agrees with me?  I see you raising
your hands!

Ryan was sooo easy to work with!  Plus he was willing to go along with some wild and crazy ideas.  Like boulders and river beds.  But those are a story
for another day.  Let’s just suffice with bridges and ballparks, k?

His only request?  He wanted a photo in his front yard.  So we he drug his hammock around front and check and mark!  Those eyes again!  They just
seem to shine all on their own!  Plus, he’s got a great wardrobe!  Not too shabby considering most of his waking hours are spent in a swimming pool! 😉  (He’s
a competitive swimmer with a long list of awards and medals. ) I’m hoping to get to at least one of his meets this year…so I can watch him leave everyone in
his wake! lol

Ryan, it was awesome to get to see you again.  I’m looking forward to a great year working with you!

thanks for stopping by!


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