Sweet Connections | Fort Wayne Family Photographer

I love photographing families!  They are so much fun!  There’s always lots of laughter, teasing and some sibling rivalry.  I always walk away thinking how
cool it is to be able to capture a specific time period in a family’s life.  To help create the memories that they’ll look back on for years.  Yeah, I have a pretty
cool job.

So, anyway, I got to meet up with this AWESOME family recently.  I’ve known the youngest daughter for a few years. (She’s an incredible soccer player.)  So
when mom called asking for a group photo we got it on the calendar!  Was I excited?  Yes, yes I was.  Especially when I found out there was an almost two
year old that I could bribe with candy 😉  And said two year old?  Not only is she adorable but she has grandpa TOTALLY SMITTEN with her!  Check it:

And if you think that’s cute then this one will blow you outta your chair!

I think that maybe, perhaps, she might know a thing or two about handling those men in her life!  LOL  Daddy and Grandpa are going to be so devastated when
she discovers boys!  hahaha

Did I mention that this was  family shoot?  I did?  Oh yes.  And you do know my rule of jumping, correct?  You do?  Great.  ‘Cause look what I got this whole
group to do!

Yeah, they were a lot of fun!  I love my job…

thanks for stopping by!


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