Talent Overload | Fort Wayne High School Seniors

Remember this name:  Jackson.  Got it?  Good, ’cause it is a name that you will be seeing in the future.  Why?  This young man
is TALENTED!!!  He plays a plethora of musical instruments.  First up: the drums.  He had his set up in his backyard.  At
8 a.m.  I’m not sure how much his neighbors appreciated his enthusiastic drumming but I sure did! lol!

Oh, yeah, and he also plays the electric guitar.  He didn’t have it plugged in but it still sounded pretty darn good to me.  I can only imagine how awesome
it would be with electricity!  Hmmm….may have to go to a Jackson show! 😉

Jackson likes bricks.  I like bricks too.  So we made sure to get a shot of him on bricks. 😀

I processed this in color first.  I always do color first.  And while I like the way his blue eyes sparkle in the color version I LOVE the mood of this in black and white.
So, you get black and white.  My blog, my choice! haha

Jackson I had a great time talking with you and making having you play music.  Its always so awesome to meet
seniors with so much talent!  I hope your senior year is awesome and that you don’t have to cut your hair toooooo
short! lol

thanks for stopping by!


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