Hanging Ten Hoosier Style | Family Fun Photographer

As a child / teenager my family had a lake cottage.  I have SO many happy memories of that place!  Floating on a raft on a lazy afternoon; campfires around the pit with my brother and cousins; late nights of cards and raucous laughter; reading quietly on the front porch while breezes swirled off the lake; and water skiing.  I loved water skiing!  The thrill of dropping a ski for the first time and learning to slalom!  The speed!  Racing the boat on a turn.  Watching my brother try to learn to barefoot  (it never happened).  And the SPEED!  I think I may have a problem with speed….I have a few tickets to verify that 😉

Anyway, a goal of mine, since my kids were little was 1) teach them to swim and 2) teach them to water ski.  I accomplished #1 by the time they all started kindergarten, although Stephanie will tell you she can’t swim.  Don’t believe her.  So, I was quite delighted to be able to achieve #2 this past weekend with the girls.  So, grab your floaties and check these out!

The boys of the family all gathered at the end of the pier to check out how well Danielle would do on her first attempt.

Check out that determination!  She got up fairly quickly but it still took several attempts

Yes!  She’ up!  Love that delighted smile on her face!

Now that is one happy child!  I knew she would love the speed and the thrill!

Now, on to Stephanie….

She was not too sure at all about attempting this.  She got in once. Got out.  Got back in.  And that face?  LOL!  She could be the poster child for children who are forced to do thing they don’t want to!  Gonna have to blow this one up BIG! 🙂

She gave it her all but never quite got past this stage.  Maybe next time we’ll get her up out of the water.  If I can get her back in the lake again!

Hubby had to get some time on the water too.  I’m starting to see where my girls’ got those determined expressions from!  He hadn’t skied in a long time so it took a couple pulls to get him up but he did it!

He’s usually not this serious looking…he must have been really concentrating! 🙂

When we got back to shore I had to snap a few of the rest of the family who had stayed behind.  That’s Nick there in the front.  Yeah, he likes my camera.  My sister and mother-in-law are floating around.

My niece Miss K was quite at home on the water!  She rode along in the boat and hopped in the lake every time we stopped to change skiers.  I love her blue eyes and mermaidish hair here.

All in all I’d say our morning at the lake was a success.  Next time I’m going to get out on the water myself….but I’m going to “forget” my camera! LOL

I hope you’ve had time this summer to enjoy yourself.  Unbelievably  it’s almost over!  Where did the time go?

-thanks for stopping by!


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