Ba-da-BOOM! | High School Senior Photographer

What happens when  you combine an adorable high school senior girl with a guitar, some train tracks, and a wild and crazy
mom and aunt?  You get a super fun session with lots of laughs and some amazing smiles!  Meet Skylar.  Skylar
was very easy-going and was up to all my crazy ideas.  Even climbing up on a stack of lumber.  Yeah, this pic?

Dad, who had to stay at home, sent along one request:   Skylar walking along tracks with her special, limited
edition guitar.  Check and Mark!

Golf anyone?  Yup, things that begin with the letter “G” is her specialty! Guitar, Golf, Giggles.  I don’t know
her handicap (or however you score golf) but I’m sure she’s the cutest one on the greens!

Um, Skylar?  Yeah, you’re gorgeous.  Make peace with it right now. 😀

Did I mention Skylar has a wild and crazy mom and aunt?  Yes, I did!  And here, in all their smiley, happy finery, they are!  No wonder Miss S has such a
great, easy-going personality!  How could she not with all that fun surrounding her?

Oh yeah, Skylar, my previous statement is now officially confirmed:  You are just adorably gorgeous.  Love, love this one.

I had such a blast with you Skylar!  Thanks so much for allowing me to be such an important part of you senior year!  I hope you have a blast and I can’t wait to
hang with you and those crazy ladies of yours again!

-thanks for stopping by!






One thought on “Ba-da-BOOM! | High School Senior Photographer


    But it’s the subject (Skylar) that make them so!

    Let’s don’t forget mom and aunt (Beth and Cheryl).

    Are there more??????

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