Holy Hot Couple Batman! | Fort Wayne Wedding Photographer

Remember that sneak sneak peek I posted last week?  Here’s the sneak peek.  The difference?  Fewer words in the description and way more photos.  lol
Ryan and Becky started out where they first met.  At a fun little restaurant named Columbia Street West.  It’s quite the hopping place at night.  Good music,
etc.  Anyway, I digress…here they are in of that magical place where it all began:

Aren’t they adorable?  And they were quite the troopers cuz it was HOT OUTSIDE my friends!  HOT HOT HOT!  We
were carting around the water bottles to stay hydrated.  Yeah, that heat wave that’s gripping the mid-west?  We were
smack dab in the middle.  But, in spite of the heat, they managed to look totally COOL.  Or were they smokin’?  You

Oh Becky, Becky….you are gorgeous, my friend.  Absolutely gorgeous.

Is anyone else thinking canvas?  I know I am!  Big, big one!

We managed to get a few smiles in between all those heat waves they were sending up all over the city!  Miss Becky wanted a walking shot with Ryan.  And when
I suggested a dip, I got this.  Definitely one to show the grandkids!

Hey Becky!?  Did I mention that you’re gorgeous?  Well I was wrong.  You are G-G-G-GGOOOORRRRRRGGGGGEEEEOOOOOUUUUUSSSSSS!!!!!!  Ryan,
you are one lucky dawg!

I love Ryan’s eyes here.  Can’t you just tell how sweet he is by looking in them?  Ok, Becky, you may be a little lucky yourself 😉

You know that Jumping Rule that I have?  Yeah, it applies to couples too!  And, since I usually save the jump for the end of the session, sometimes I get to
do the jump as a silhouette.  Lucky me!  Cuz this one?  This one here is one of my favorite jumping shots OF.ALL.TIME!!

Well, Ryan and Becky, I can’t WAIT to photograph your wedding in September!  It is going to be an awesome day,
(with NO rain!!!) and tons of smiles and memories!

-thanks for stopping by!


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