If You Give A Kid A Camera | Ft. Wayne Photographer/Mom

Today I felt the need to get a few snapshots of my kids in action. So, after snapping a few pics with the Polaroid I grabbed my point and shoot.  I like to keep it handy for those impromptu photos or videos.  Plus, the hubster finds it very easy to use 😉  Anyway, I made the mistake-gave the camera to Miss Stephanie and Jim.  They played photobooth for a moment.

Angry.  Or is that Psycho?

Sad? Traumatized?

Pure Joy.

I love their expressions.  And I love how spontaneous and fun they are.  I have never been able to be that unself-conscious in front of a camera.  Must be because they have really grown up with digital and the “instant-ness” of it.  They KNOW they can take it again if it looks bad!

So, after seeing how much fun those two were having with the camera, Miss Maci and I decided to mug it up for the camera too.  Of course, since I’d been baking (more on that later) Maci decided that my cheek was smelling pretty good!

Hope you’re enjoying these long summer days.  Hey, who’s going to Harry Potter?  I’m debating….

-thanks for stopping by!


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