The Best for Last | High School Senior Photographer, Fort Wayne, IN

Well, my friends, we have reached the end.  The end of the 2011 Seniors, that is.  It has been a fantastic,
fun-filled, laugh inducing season for me.  And I can only hope that my seniors feel the same way.  This year
has been chock full of great clients!  And, this, this is Miss Brittany.  Can I just say that if you have to reach
the end of a season then this is the way to go!  She definitely helped me end on a high note!

Her eyes!  Her eyes!  I know I comment every time there’s blue eyes here on the blog but Brittany’s eyes
just blow me away!  They REALLY are that blue!  I swear!

Brittany and her mom had some definite ideas about photos that they wanted to take.  They were
trying to emulate photos that were taken when Brittany was a wee babe.  So, we did the best we could.
And, if I may so myself, we ROCKED IT!!! 🙂

Gone are the days of stuffy fedora hats.  Brittany, I do believe you just may very well set a new trend with
straw hats.  Just show ’em this photo if anyone has any doubts about hats being hot.  That’ll show ’em. 😉

Ok, who here agrees with me on her eyes?  I see you raising your hands!  Brittany, this one?  BIG!  Print It Big!!  Or a
wallet.  Either way, it’s a win-win. lol

And hair wraps?  Who else wants to rush right out and get a cute little scarf to tie in their hair?  Well,
if you’re like me, and have short hair, right about now you’re considering growing it out and then buying
a cute little hair scarf.  On second thought that might take too long….hmmm…what to do, what to do 😀
Oh, I know!  Marvel at Miss Britt’s cuteness!  Yup, works for me! lol

No words.  None.  Except: Beautiful, Blue-Eyes, Smokin’, WOW!  and OH.MY.GOODNESS!!!  You are gorgeous!!
Ok, so I had a few words.  Sue me.  🙂

Another recreation.  Whaddaya think, mom?  Pretty good, huh?

Brittany I hope you like your Sneak Peek.  Thanks for helping me end my 2011 season with such a bang!
I had a great time with you and your mom.  Hope your last day of High School is fantastic!

Oh, and any other Seniors out there reading this?  You’re all the best in my book!

-thanks for stopping by!


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