Country Fresh | Fort Wayne High School Senior Photography

As I may have mentioned here once or twice, my clients pick where they want their pictures taken.  I think it just makes their photos more
about them and reflects their personality.  Every now and then they come up with a blank and then I come to the rescue.  (I’m kinda white-knight
that way 😉 )  The awesome Miss Katie needed a little help, so I gave her some choices.  I was tickled pink when she picked one of my favorites:
a local farm/park location.  Lots of variety all in one place + a gorgeous senior = WIN, WIN FOR ME! lol

Did you wonder why I called this post “Country Fresh”?  Exhibit “A”.  Even the rooster thought Katie was a cutie!  He kept checkin’ her out!

Seriously?  Does she not look like the Girl Next Door here?  Even in black and white those blue eyes of her’s just shine!  She rocked that wall!  (sorry,
sorry, 🙂 )

Oh Miss Katie, this should SO be printed.  Wallets, Wall prints, canvases, you name it!  Your smile and your eyes are
perfection.  Maybe you should forget college and go for modeling?  Hmmmmm….

Yup!  Definite on the modeling!  This was a “sneak-up-on-the-owner-of-the-property’s-porch-hurry up-SNAP!!- and-
get-off-the-porch” shot.  Totally worth the covert effort though, dontcha think?

Oh, and I didn’t mention that Miss Katie will be my Danielle’s roomie next year at college!  I’m so excited for
the two of them!  I know together that they will have a blast.  I can’t wait to hear of all the adventures
that they have together!  Have fun, Katie!  And be on the lookout for those care packages! 😉

-thanks for stopping by!


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