Blue Eyes and Cousins | Fort Wayne Senior Photographer

The Class of 2011 Seniors is quickly coming to an end.  But, luckily for you, I’ve still got a few
more sessions to edit and share with you.  Are you excited?  You should be! lol  Here’s a definite
favorite from the 2011 crop of seniors:   This is Adam.  Or, Mr. Adam.  I’ll let you pick how you
address him.  I recently met up with Adam for his Senior Portraits.  Adam’s cool.  He even scaled tall
buildings for me!   Ok, ok, they weren’t that tall…but STILL!!  he climbed up there!  That counts for
something!  Oh, and those amazing blue eyes and smile don’t hurt either 😉

Told ya he had amazing blue eyes! I’m partial to blue eyes, can you tell?  All my children have brown
eyes.  And while I love my brown-eyed children, blue eyes get me every time.  Must be that “grass is
always greener” type thing.  Or would that be “eyes are always bluer” kind of thing?  hmmmm…..get
back to me on that, would ya?

Adam’s school colors are orange and brown.  So, how coincidental that we found the perfect sculpture
to use for his photos!  So nice when park planners think of the photographers. 🙂

Adam requested this photo so I had to include it here in his Sneak Peek.  Hope you like it, Adam!

Adam is the cousin of Amanda.  They plan on having their Graduation Celebration together so, of course, we had to get a few pics of them together

so they could mail them out.  Do you see the family resemblance?  I know I do!

And, it took some convincing, but I got Mom in on a photo!  Mom, I don’t know what you were so worried about!  You’re just as adorable as Adam!
You do good work! 😉  I love it when the parents get in on the photos.  Such a milestone in a Senior’s life and who better to remember at that time
than their parents?  They did help a bit along the way, after all!  lol!

Well, Mr. Adam, I hope you enjoyed your Sneak Peek!  I really had a good time with you and your mom taking your Senior Pictures.  Thanks for
all the laughs and enjoy the last remaining days of High School!

thanks for stopping by!


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