Made for the Stage | High School Senior Photographer, Ft. Wayne, IN

And without further adieu, here is the fabulous, uber talented, Miss Hannah!  Hannah is another one of  my Seniors that I’ve been lucky enough to have known since elementary school.  And I can assure you, she is one class act.  😉  I always knew that she played piano but had no idea until I saw her in a play last year as how gifted on the stage that she really is.  So, of course, where do you suppose she wanted her Senior pictures taken?  Well, where else, but the stage!!Not only does Hannah have a gift for thespianism (is that a word?  Well, it’s my blog, so, now it is!  So there!)  She has a lovely voice and, like I said, awesome piano skills.  I mentioned that I loved “Westside Story” and she sat down at the piano and played one of the main songs for me!  I almost had to sing along with it…but I didn’t want to risk having her, her mom, and her sister run screaming from the theater.  😉  Here she is playing.  Love, love, love the look of concentration on her face.She’s a dreamer 🙂She really liked this light post so we had to get a shot with it.  I personally like her smile here.  So confident and yet amused.  Probably at what a fool I make of myself during photoshoots.  But, if I can get smiles as genuine as this one, let the foolishness continue!!

Mom had one request:  to have Hannah peeking out from behind the curtain.  Score!!  Great idea, mom!  You are more than welcome to come along on all my shoots and throw out ideas for me!  I pay in Starbucks! 😉

Hope you like your Sneak Peek, Hannah!  I had a fun time with you and your gang digging thru props and such during your photo shoot.  Enjoy these last few days of your Senior year!

-thanks for stopping by!


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