Kicking It | Fort Wayne High School Senior Photographer

Tis the Senior season!  And I’m in high gear here with all these amazing seniors!  And Miss Sarah is
no exception!  She came to her photo session with her A-game.  Check it:

Isn’t she adorable?  She and her dad were so easy-going.  Even when we had to change locations due to
pop up rain showers.  They just rolled with the flow and we moved on.  So, so glad we did ‘cuz the first
choice did not have this option.  And Sarah?  You rocked this out!

Sarah is a soccer player.  She’s gone to the state level twice!  Yeah, she’s that good!  So, of course we had to get a few shots of her
in that jersey of hers.  She’s looks too cute to be formidable on the field doesn’t she?  But trust me, I have seen her play and she’s a BEAST!! 😉

Sarah, you are just adorable!  I love this shot of you.  I can see all that confidence in your eyes and I just know that you are going to go so far in life!

Beauty in black and white?  Yup, I think so!  This was another unplanned location.  And another win-win for
Sarah!  Hey Dad, you better get a padlock because all the boys are going to be knockin’ on your door!

Sarah (and Dad) thanks so much for being so flexible for your Senior Photos!  I had a great time talking
with you both (and fighting off mosquitos!)  Enjoy these last few days of your Senior year!

thanks for stopping by!


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