So Many Sides | Fort Wayne Senior Photographer

Over the course of my children’s school years I have had the opportunity to meet some pretty awesome kids.  This young lady is no exception.
Meet Brittany. She’s quite the awesome young lady!  Not only is she fun to talk with but she’s also an amazing softball catcher and one smart cookie!
She’s going to be a doctor!  Brains, beauty and a beast (on the field! 😉 )  For Brittany’s session we hit quite a few places.  My absolute favorite image
is there on the right.  Britt, you’re smokin’ and scary–all at the same time!  lol  All softball catchers should looks so good!

Told ya!  Talk about being able to make any location work!  And Brittany was up for anything!  Even when I’m sure she thought I was just a bit nuts.
Like sending her half way down the street to stand on a bridge.  Yeah.  Told ya-I win!  And mom found the bottom right location.  You are SO
good at finding locations, Mom!  Feel free to find more for me!  haha

Brittany, I am SO glad we were able to dodge the rain for as long as we did!  You and your gang were so much fun to hang with…we should SO do
coffee soon!  Hope these last few days of your Senior Year are fun and memorable!

-thanks for stopping by!


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