It Just Keeps Getting Better | Fort Wayne Senior Photographer

If you’re new to the blog, or just can’t read between the lines, then I’ll fill you on a little secret:  I LOVE MY JOB!  Not only
do I get to be creative, travel and meet new people but I get to photograph drop-dead gorgeous young ladies who look
like this:

Admit it, you want my job now don’t you? 😉  This is Amanda.  And she ROCKED out her session!  From the feather earrings to her killer good looks
there’s not a lot about her session that wasn’t easy on the camera.  Another example of how incredibly photogenic she is:

Yes, I did tell her that she should model.  And, while I think it’s tempting for her, she has other goals.  Among them, shopping.  I’ve gotta love
a gal with her priorities straight!  lol  I know I love loading up the shopping bags myself.  Of course, it’s usually with camera gear….haha

Seriously, Amanda?  Let me be frank:  you are stunning!  Maybe you could model on the side….

This one right here is a definite favorite.  And it should be large.  As in on the wall.  As in stop people in their tracks when they
walk by it.  Of course, it would also make a stellar wallet print.  Cuz all your friends are going to want one, Amanda!

Thanks for putting up with the rain delays, Amanda.  I had a great time walking around downtown with you and your mom.  I hope you enjoy
these last few days of your Senior Year!

-thanks for stopping by!


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