It Should Be Illegal | Fort Wayne Senior Photographer

…to be this cute!  Meet Emily.  She’s the younger sister of one of my first seniors, Brittney, and I was excited when her mom called to ask me to photograph
her senior photos as well.  I love when my clients come back to me!  Anyway, Miss Emily, her mom and I started off at the Botanical Gardens.
Emily started off the session with some rockin’ smiles.  Wow!  I knew we were headed for some awesome images when I snapped this!

I persuaded Emily to step outside to take advantage of the light we were being blessed with.  Um…..Emily?  Yeah, you’re smokin’. 😉

The Botanical Gardens has several different rooms, each with it’s own growing zone.  And let me tell ya, in case you couldn’t tell with your own
eyes, Emily is gorgeous in both Indiana weather and the desert!  She makes cacti look good!  Me?  I just looked sweaty in those hot desert climes-lol!

Emily requested a farm-like environment to round out her session, so we headed off to my favorite setting.  And she
made that look good too!  Hmmm….anyone else thinking she should look into modeling?

And last, but not least, for your Sneak Peek, I present to you: A Picnic Table.  Never doubt the power
a pretty girl has to make any ordinary, everyday object look fan-freakin-tastic.  Emily?  You =
pure gorgeousness.

Emily, I hope you like your Sneak Peek!  The rest of your images will be coming soon.

thanks for stopping by!


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