Too Cute for Words | Fort Wayne Senior Photographer

If you’re anything like me then you have heard the expression “cute as a button”.  And, again presuming
you’re somewhat like me, you’ve also wondered how cute can a button be?  So, to answer that burning
question, I present to you Miss Lindsey.  Who is, in fact, as cute, if not cuter, than a button!

Told ya! 😀  I never lie about cuteness.  And just to drive home the point, check this one out:

Lindsey had the most fun wardrobe!  And this coat, oh this coat!  If only they made it for old, over the hill ladies like myself….But then I’m not too
sure ruffles are my thang.  (Yes, I said thang.  It’s my blog.  I have certain liberties. lol)

Now, if you’ve been photographed by me, you know that you have to jump.  It’s kind of my signature move.  Everybody jumps.  Unless I get
distracted.  Or you’re injured.   Or you flat out refuse.  But other than that, everybody jumps. 😉  So Lindsey jumped.  And Lindsey set a new bar for all that
come after her.  Her achievement?  Most cute jump.  Isn’t she just the cutest thing in mid-air you’ve ever seen?

Oh, and Lindsey?  You’re not only cute as a button, but you’re just lovely too.  This photo proves it.

Thanks Lindsey to you and your mom for braving the misty, foggy weather and spending the morning
with me.  I had a great time and loved seeing the wildlife with you!

-thanks for stopping by!


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