Woodland Beauty | Fort Wayne Senior Photographer

This is Nic.  I have known Nic since he was in preschool.  And, really?  He has not changed much.  He still has a great, quirky sense of humor and is
just a lot of fun to be around.  In other words, he’s a wild card.  Which is a good thing in my book!  Plus, he’s got a great smile.  See?

Nic’s mom is a wild card too.  So, what do you get when you put me ( a totally irreverent wild card) with a mom who’s got that same sense of humor?
You get a totally embarrassed senior, that’s what!  I love my job 😉  Hope your mind isn’t permanently warped, Nic.  You know your mom and I just
couldn’t help it!

And this photo would be the cause of the title of this post.  We told him that he looked simply lovely down in
the ditch.   So he said, no, demanded, that I title his post along those lines.  Nic, your wish is my command!
Maybe next time you should wish for something else! lol

There is nothing about this picture that I don’t love.  Can’t you just SEE his personality here?  Love, love, love this.

This was the very last photo that I took.  His smile was still going strong.  Mainly because his mom and I were still going strong.  I’m not sure if he
looks so happy because we were so entertaining or because he knew the end was in sight…?  I’m going with the entertaining.

A classic Nic shot.  Great smile and a whole lot of fun:

Hope it wasn’t too painful for you, Nic.  Perhaps next time I see you I’ll have a nice tall glass of grape juice for you.

-thanks for stopping by!


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