Gifted | Fort Wayne Senior Photography

Meet Jacob.  I’d not met Jacob before his session but I knew his mom and younger brother.  So, I knew coming that it would be fun.
What I didn’t know was that Jacob is a musical genius.  And I do mean genius!  First of all, he plays the guitar.  This was an electric
one so I couldn’t get the full impact, but it sounded good.  There’s just something about being serenaded while photographing… 😉
And by the way, BIG!! This one needs to be printed BIG!

And not only does Jacob play the guitar he also plays the violin.  Not to be confused with the fiddle.  I did not know that there was a
difference.  I do now, thanks to Jacob!  Doesn’t that smile of his just tell you how much he enjoys the music?

Jacob also sings but I didn’t get to hear too much of that.  He was a little  shy with his own voice…someday I’m sure he’ll producing CDs and I’ll
pick one up and get to listen to the talent that is his.  And maybe, just maybe, if it’s soon enough Jacob will use this image for somewhere on the
CD insert.  It screams “Musician” to me…how about you?  And your relaxed, easy smile, Jacob, will sell big time to the ladies 😉

Jacob, I had to include one here that showcased those awesome eyes of yours.  I love how ornery
you look here.  But you would never be ornery, would you?  Jacob?

Thoughtful and contemplative.  Love everything about this shot.

Thanks for tolerating my camera and I, Jacob.  I had a great time with you and your entourage!

-thanks for stopping by!


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