Rain Delay | Fort Wayne Senior Photographer

You know how I’ve mentioned once or twice that we’ve seen a lot of rain here in Northeast Indiana?  Well, luckily for me, that rain has not
interfered too much with my shooting schedule.  Except for Jackie’s.  We had to reschedule a few times to make her session  happen, but boy
was it worth it!  Our patience was rewarded with a beautiful evening, light breezes and Jackie’s killer smile!

We just missed having a park full of tulips and daffodils but I think Jackie looks just as adorable among the plant leaves.  Must be all that bling! 😉 lol

Really?  Jackie, you are simply a-freakin-dorable!  Love this! See?  I told you that your eyes just SPARKLE!!!

We tried for some ducks in the background but they just refused to cooperate.  Darn ducks.  I guess
you’ll just have to look at that bright smile instead!  Not too hard to do now is it?

Jackie, thanks for being so patient with out lovely Indiana weather!  I had a great time traipsing thru the park
with you and your mom!

-thanks for stopping by!


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