Biased | Fort Wayne Senior Photography

I have know this young man since the day he was born.  And, with the exception of getting taller, learning to speak and developing a natural, easy-going
personality he really hasn’t changed much.  Meet Nadeam, my nephew.  Handsome, isn’t he?  Good looks run in the family…I’d say he gets it from me but
I’m the in-law. lol

I love this shot of him.  He looks so serious here (which he rarely is) and the expression in his eyes shows who he really is.  A genuinely nice guy.

Here he’s showing a bit of his ornery side.  His sister came along to help out and he was harassing her the whole time.  As a good brother does.  She was
just out of frame here and I’m sure he had just said something to her.  (Nadeam was doing an awesome job of directing her in her duties as “light
blocker”).  😉

“Climb a fence you say?  Ok, Michelle!  I shall climb that fence and look totally awesome doing it!”  Oh wait, he didn’t actually say that.  But
he could have!  Oh, and Nadeam?  You totally look like your dad here!

Did I tell you he’s a talented musician?  I didn’t?  He is!  I believe he has a band.  So, if you need a group for your next get together I can hook you up!
I’m going to be his manager.  Right, Nadeam?  Tap, tap, tap….is this thing on?  I love how his eye shine here.

Now, I have to tell you, he was hesitant to make this shot.  But, when I informed him that EVERYBODY
jumps he agreed.  He was  a little nervous about jumping with the bass but I just told him to “hang on
tight”!  Luckily, he did ’cause I really don’t think I need to be buying any basses any time soon! haha  Oh,
and Nadeam?  BLOW  THIS ONE UP B*I*G!!!!  It would be stellar!

Thanks Nadeam for finding the time to come out and traipse around the park with your old aunt.  I
had a great time harassing you!

-thanks for stopping by!


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