Smiles and Strings | Fort Wayne High School Senior Photographer

Meet Taylor.  Taylor and I have been trying to get together for his senior photos for quite some time.  First we had them all scheduled and then he
went and broke his wrist.  That’s definitely the best excuse I’ve heard for rescheduling! 😉  Then, it was a bit chilly, a whole lot gray out and neither of
us were really in the mood.  Hey!  Indiana winters can be brutal!  Then, when we’re finally both ready here come the rains!!  And it has rained…and
rained…until FINALLY!! a break!  So, even with an overcast day, out we went!  And it was so totally worth it!

Taylor only had one request:  to be photographed in front of the sign from his (favorite) high school.  You can’t see it clearly but he signed it.  Down there
right about the “p” in presented.  See it?  That’s his John Hancock!

We wandered around downtown for a while just looking for spots that he thought we cool.  A favorite loading dock of mine had been renovated but
Taylor didn’t mind this garage door.  And I didn’t mind that he gave me this smile!  Taylor, use this look on the ladies and you’ll get ’em every time!
Sorry Taylor’s Mom, just keeping it real here!  lol

Did I tell you Taylor plays in a band?  No?  I didn’t?  Well, guess what! He’s in a band!  And, if his non-amped playing is any indication, it’s a darn good
band too!  I really like it when my seniors can bring along a little musical accompaniment on their sessions! 🙂  Of course, seeing as how he has an
electric guitar, he doesn’t play country.  But I’ll take any music if it’s live and I’m an audience of one.  He and his band have a CD coming out soon so be
on the look out for a link here on the ol’ blog.  I’ll set you up.  I’m nice like that.

Taylor, I hope you enjoyed your Sneak Peek.  I think it was totally worth the wait, hope you do too!

Thanks for stopping by!


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