Senior Portraits on the Wild Side | Fort Wayne, IN

One of the things I most love about photographing my clients is their creativity when it comes to the locations
they choose.  Take my latest senior, Preston.  Preston wondered if it would be ok to do his Portrait Session at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo.
Uh….let me think about that….YEAH!  Definitely!  Most awesome!  (Can you tell I was all for it? 😉 )  So, on a nice, cloudy
afternoon, we explored the zoo.

And he rocked it out!  This was one of our first images.  And believe me when I say I could have gone home happy
after this image!  Doesn’t it just scream “magazine” image to you?  Love the whole attitude that he’s projecting here!  You’re a natural, Preston!

Next we stopped off for a quick wardrobe change.  And I insisted he take it easy for a minute.  haha!  Seriously though, does he not
look completely at ease in this hammock?  Preston, get one for your yard!  And then I’ll be over for some lemonade.

Next to the  Zoo is a park.  It’s a nice family, picnicking, fishing in the pond kind of park.  And it’s absolutely perfect for photos.  As you can plainly
see from this example.  Preston requested an image with the pond behind him.  Does this one work for you?  🙂 Oh, and Preston?  This would look
STELLAR blown up huge! You can put it on the wall right next to that diploma you’re going to be getting!

I always try to take at least one or two “traditional” photos at every portrait session.  You know, the ones that make the moms and grandmas tear up
and talk about how grown up you look?  Yeah, this is one of  those.  But, seriously, does he not look like Harry Connick Jr here?  Just a little?

Many times I know when I’m looking at an image that it will look smashing in black and white.  And I will usually favor either the color or the
black and white.  Very rarely can I not make up my mind about a favorite.  This is one of those times.  So, you tell me, which do you prefer?  I like
the color because it shows off those awesome baby blues that Preston has.  But the black and white just seems to sing to me….opinions?

Thanks Preston for being so fun and creative with your Senior Photos!  I had a blast at the Zoo and Park with you.  I hope you like your Sneak Peek–
more will be coming to the website soon!

-thanks for stopping by!


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