Good Golly, Miss Molly | Fort Wayne Senior Photography

This is Molly.  And let me tell you, Molly is F.U.N.!  Molly definitely had big ideas for her senior portraits.  I love seniors with ideas!  (Less thinking for me! 😉 )
Molly also brought along her BFF to help with accessories, hair, etc.   When her friend described her smile as “smiling with all her teeth” I knew that was a perfect definition.  Wait!  See for yourself!

Now, I defy you to tell me that you are NOT smiling after seeing that happy face!  And her laugh is just as infectious!  Loved it!

I told you Molly chose her friend’s property for her photos but did I tell you that there was lots of fun stuff to play with?  And Miss Molly
ROCKED it out!  How often do you see someone sitting in a door frame in the middle of a field looking like she belongs there?  Well, now you
can honestly say you’ve seen it!  Yes, you’re welcome.  lol

Molly had just returned from Spring Break so we thought we’d relive the moment for a minute.  FYI: this is a definite favorite of mine from her session.
Molly?  Blow this sucker up huge, k?  K!

Remember that BFF I mentioned?  They are soooo BFF that they are having their graduation parties together!  Yeah, now that’s a true friendship!  So,
of course, we had to get a few photos of them together.   Have you ever seen two cuter girls?  No?  Again, you’re welcome.  It’s just a little extra special something-something
for you 😉  Oh, the BFF looks familiar? You may recognize her from this post: Taryn.
I just adore it when I get to meet up with past clients!  So, T and M?  You better be tagging along on some future sessions!  I’ll be looking for you!

Ok, Miss Molly, I hope you enjoyed your Sneak Peek!  I had a blast shooting your senior pictures!  Thanks so much for all the laughs!
-thanks for stopping by!


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