>Family Photographer | Fort Wayne, IN

>Meet the K Family. Talk about a fun group! Full of laughs, smiles, jokes and up for anything. Even climbing out of the sun roof of their vehicle!

They had a very special reason for photographing their family: this special young lady became an official family member! Yeah to getting a beauty like this in the family! I just loved all her spunk and personality! I’m sure she’s not ornery at all….or have her daddy wrapped around her little finger. Yup, I’m sure 😉

Ok, seriously? K’s you rock! I have been grinning while editing these. You are a FUN, FUN family! Take my advice, blow this up BIG!!!!! And then use it for blackmail at those future events.

I love to experiment with my photography. I especially like seeing if I can take a photograph down to the basics and still tell a story. I’d like to think that this image says a lot about the family connection you guys have. What do you think?

Perfection! Two adorable, happy children sitting in a tree. Does life for parents get any better? I think not. Unless, of course, you have a photograph to capture the memory!

Or could happiness be those same two cuties popping out of that sun roof again? Maybe….hmmmm….I’ll let you be the judge! They definitely don’t look like they’d ever cause any trouble. Yeah…right. haha

Thanks K Family! I had a great time playing with you guys in the park! I can’t wait to see how you younger K’s grow!
-thanks for stopping by!


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