>Ben | Leo High School Photographer

>Talk about starting off on the right foot! I’ve been looking forward to being able to get back outside and shoot. Indiana winter’s can be sooooo long. So when Ben’s mom called to book his session I was ready to get out and photograph!! Of course, the morning of Ben’s senior session it rained. And rained. Then, those Indiana clouds parted and it cleared up. Not blue skies and sunshine but enough to get out and about in. I was psyched! Ben? I think he would have preferred the rain-lol! So, I worked the magic of my stunning personality (work with me here!) and we got to chatting. And laughing. And then Ben’s awesome personality shone through:

Ben’s got these awesome blue eyes. Trust me, he does. This photo in color shows those baby-blues but I really like it in black and white too! So, I win. haha

Ben is a football and basketball player. I know he looks friendly here but I’m thinking he could be quite intimidating on the field or court. He’s going to play football in college too! So, Ben, my new-best-football-playing-friend, is going to let me know when he plays so I can come watch. Right, Ben? Ben?

Thanks for coming out to the park for your senior portraits, Ben. I had a blast getting to meet you and your mom! I hope you enjoy what’s left of you senior year!
-thanks for stopping by!


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