>My Own Graduate

>It’s been a while! Sorry for the lack of posting…it’s not that I haven’t thought of you. I have. Many, many times. 😉

My oldest, Miss Danielle, is just a few short weeks away from graduation! Gosh, how did I ever get a child old enough to graduate? Especially since I, myself, am so young? (crickets….is this thing on?) lol

Anyway, here’s two photos of my lovely graduate from a recent session that I did with her:

Love how soft and dreamy the above photo feels. If I had enough wall space this would definitely get blown up BIG. As it is, I have her graduate canvas already done and ready to go on the wall. It’ll take me another 3 years to get the other kids’ up but it’s in the works! 😉

This one reminds me so much of when she was little and would lay on the floor and watch tv. Ahhh the days of Barney. Somehow, while I miss that little girl, I DO NOT MISS Barney! lol

I have a senior session to blog soon and a fun family shoot that I did tonight. Stop back soon!

thanks for stopping by!


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