>MIA | Ft.Wayne Photographer

>Not much has changed since my last post. Still winter. Still cold. Still blah, blah, blah. Yeah, I am discovering more and more every winter that I am definitely NOT a winter person! Sure, all that blinding snow white beauty can be breath taking. But, as soon as the muddy, slushy slop starts in I’m soooo over it. So, I thought I would go back thru my files and torture myself with what I’m missing.

Power lines silhouetted against a perfect summer sky. I think it must be the graphic designer in me that finds power lines so awesome. And graphic 😉

The sun setting over the fields. And the smell of the fields. Green smells so good! We went to the Home & Garden Show today so I got to smell a little bit of green. It was refreshing!

My ornery, snot-nosed oldest riding in the back seat with all the windows down and making faces at me. (She will SO kill me for this! And it is SO worth it! LOL)

Tooling around town with the hubster. All the windows down, air blowing thru what’s left of his hair (hey! I’m on a roll here!) and me snapping pics like crazy of anything that catches my eye. Yes, our date nights are incredibly exciting.

Self portraits in the side view mirror. I think the dirt on the mirror adds a little somethinsomethin, don’t you?

Perfect days. There are more of these than you can imagine if you just take the time to look around.

The sun setting across the hood of the hubster’s truck as we tool around town. I just love how the blue of his truck accents the color in the sunset.

So, hopefully my little musings thru my photo files will help remind you of all the awesome weather to come….the nice weather is MIA right now but it’s out there! Along with those 90+ degree weather days. Hmmmm…maybe this cold stuff isn’t quite that bad!
-thanks for stopping by!


8 thoughts on “>MIA | Ft.Wayne Photographer

  1. >Love the hill and clouds shot! And that first shot is so cool, I am now inspired to go shoot power lines. I miss coming to your blog, I had sweet memories from POTD 🙂

  2. >Really pretty pics! So I am assuming you are still in the midst of muddy slop? Sorry, spring must be right around the corner!! Lots of rain here in Oregon but at least some sunny days in between I guess!

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