>Go Team | New Haven High School, New Haven, IN Photographer

>Being able to do what I love to do makes my job pretty nice. And, when you get a group of bubbly, laughing, adorable cheerleaders in front of the camera, it just ratchets up the fun factor that much more! I’m sure, with smiles like these, that you can just imagine the laughs that went along with them!

What football/basketball/etc player wouldn’t score just one more point to have one of these ladies flash a smile his way? Of course, while I had them in front of the camera, I had to get some individual shots. Together or apart, their charm just oozes out of the screen at you.

Adorable. Girl-next-door-freshness. Love her happy smile.

Cute, cute, cute. Yes, I repeated myself. Yes, it was totally deserved.

Check out her eyes. Amazing color! I probably went on and on about her eyes.

When I’m right, I’m right! Here’s another one….just because it’s my blog and this is a definite favorite! lol Love it when I can capture relationships / friendships with my camera. Gives documentation a whole new look, doesn’t it.

Well, ladies, I hope you had a good time on our snowy session day. I had a blast meeting / seeing you again. I hope you enjoy the rest of your cheering this year and I’ll see you soon!
-thanks for stopping by!


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