>Mark, Set, Senior! | Leo High School Senior Photography

>Meet Daniel. Daniel is my first 2011 senior IN 2011. What an honor for him, right? Right? lol I’m not sure if Daniel would agree but I thought it was quite fun that he chose me for his senior photos! He was pretty laid back but still managed to look very cool for his pics:

When his dad called to set up the appointment he said Daniel wanted to be sure that he got some photos with his pup. Of course we all know how much I love a cute pup! So….meet Ranger! Is he not adorable? And he was a very well behaved 3 month old little guy. Where’d he get his name, you ask? Well, see that M16? Yup, you guessed it! Daniel is going in the Army as a….get this….Ranger! Gotta love a young man willing to serve his country. Let me thank you in advance, Daniel!

See that smile? Something about this photo tells me that Daniel is going to thoroughly enjoy being in the Army! And, since his Dad is a career army man himself, he’s already tried the MREs! (That’s Meals Ready to Eat, for you non military types 😉 ) He says he likes them, but I don’t know….I’ve had them….not much to like there! lol

Well, Daniel, I hope you like your Sneak Peek! Enjoy what’s left of your Senior Year ’cause a Drill Sgt somewhere is counting down the minutes…. 🙂
-thanks for stopping by!


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