>Plump Puppy

>A few weeks ago I bought lemon chips. Yum, yum, yum! I made some blondie / lemon chip bars the other day but was really wanting to try cookies with them. So, after much searching, I found a recipe I could easily use with the lemon chips. And I baked. And baked. (Being the mother of 4 teenagers and wife to one dessert-obsessed man I do NOT do small batches).

Several dozen later we taste tested. They’re a hit! Of course, I used all the chips and will have to buy more….but I know they’re worth it!

And you know how they say that a plump cook is always a good sign? What about a plump pup? This little gal is ALWAYS in the kitchen when I’m in there. She knows that delicious bits and bites drop from the counters. And sometimes they are even willingly given! Life is good for a pup in my kitchen! lol
I’m actually considering having this picture blown up and hanging it in the kitchen. But then since she’s always in that spot it might be redundant….ok, have to go do a little taste testing 😉
-thanks for stopping by!


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