>A Rockin’ Friday Night

>Growing up I was exposed to many different types of music. There was the military cadences that my father liked to wake us up with on Saturday mornings. Blech. The gospel hymns that always seemed to be playing on my mother’s kitchen radio. The hard rock, bang your head stuff that my brother preferred. And the 80’s rocks that was the product of my generation. And then I got my driver’s license. And a Chevette. A yellow one, with an AM only radio, to be exact. It was then that my love of country music began. There was George Jones, Patsy Cline and Kenny Rogers, to name a few. So, while I am now an adult, who can appreciate, and even enjoy varied music genres, I am still a country music fan. And Friday night the hubster and I, along with very good friends, ventured out to see one of the current kings of the country stage: Brad Paisley. Yeehaw!

For his first opening act, he had Jerrod Niemann. A fine performer. But he’s no Brad.

Second to take the stage was Darius Rucker. If you’re not a country fan you may know him as Hootie of Hootie and the Blowfish. Excellent performer. I do believe he enjoyed the show almost as much as the audience! Fun. But, again, no Brad Paisley.

And then…..Brad arrived. Gotta love a man in a cowboy hat. At least I do 😉

And anyone willing to pretend to be sitting on a diving board in the middle of a sold out crowd? Yeah, he’s got MY vote!

The video aspect of the show could have been a separate show by itself. Lots of time, effort and money were put into it. And it shows. Kudos to Brad’s video crew.

If you saw the CMA awards then you saw this being performed. Spectacular. And so true.

So, to sum it all up, if you get a chance to see Brad, Darius or Jerrod in concert, DO IT. You will get your money’s worth. And get to see an all around entertaining show!
-thanks for stopping by!


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