>100% Chance of Fun

>Since Miss Maci joined our family last February we really hadn’t gotten a chance to see how she would react to snow. Well, let’s just say that Maci + Snow = HAPPY!! lol So today when we were getting hit by a storm passing thru I couldn’t wait to get home and let her out to play. And, of course, I took the camera 😉

The picture on the left? She was growling with excitement. I know. She’s weird. But don’t those teeth look fierce? haha Of course, her sweet face on the right totally shows her true temperament. Love, love, love that pup.

She found a leaf. Leaves are great snacks, in case you didn’t know. Yes, that’s one wild puppy there on the right. The whites of her eyes crack me up. She may need meds for her craziness. Or the Dog Whisperer. Wouldn’t that be so totally cool!?!?

Snow is exhausting. It wears her out. But the exhaustion only lasts as long as it takes her to get inside and warm up. Then she’s off and terrorizing the cats or Ethel once again. Silly beast.

So, while I may not especially love winter I enjoy watching Miss Mace frolic in the snow. Now if only I could teach her how to ride a sled….
thanks for stopping by!


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