>A Quick Tour

>Right before Christmas we had an open house at The Studio. I decided to take a moment, while the studio was at it’s finest for visitors, to snap a few pics. So, for those of you who couldn’t make it out to visit, is a quick peek.

On the left is the changing room. Be it babies or guys and gals, you get a whole room all to yourself to update the wardrobe in. So you can bring all your favorites to spread out and pick from!

On the top right is the “entrance”. The Studio is located in the lower level of Rockfield Realty so this is the official landing. Fun place to set down, huh!

On the lower right is a sampling of products. From wallets, to biz cards to canvases, you’re covered! There’s even jewelry. Yes, jewelry! Get a pendant of Fido to show all your friends. You’ll be the envy of all your pals! 😉

Ok, you won’t see that guy on the left when you come but I had to include it. It’s my favorite shot from the open house. That little guy was totally enamored with Santa. And his laugh!! It was a laugh you couldn’t help but chuckle along with. Too adorable.

On the right, the seating area. Its warm, cozy and comfy. I’ve seriously considered taking my laptop and settling in there. It’s a great place to place photo orders or relax and chat about what you want from your portraits. Or, if you’re coming to visit, bring an extra cup from Starbucks and we’ll just waste the time away!

So, that’s a quick peek into The Studio. Its definitely offered more flexibility to my schedule. I hope that you’ll get a chance to come visit it in person. Until then
-thanks for stopping by!


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