>What with client work and the holidays I’ve gotten a bit behind on sharing some of the behind the scenes photos that I’ve taken. These photos have been sitting in a folder just waiting for me to get a chance to look at them again.

A little while back Miss Steph was sick. Now to say that is a big deal. Steph is an energetic, never stops, always doing something, kind of kid. So, if she’s down, she’s DOWN! Well, Miss Maci decided that if Steph was hibernating on the couch she was going to take advantage of it. Plus, I think she thought, that with Steph wearing her favorite cozy pj’s, (that just happen to be striped like Maci) that no one would notice her on the couch. Caught ya, Maci! Those long fur covered legs will give you away every time! 😉

The fact that she’s an incredibly nosy little puppy kind of made her stick out like a sore thumb!

And, of course, when she got into “queen of the hill” mode she became totally conspicuous. No wait! Maybe those stripes did help…I do believe she’s hardly noticeable after all! lol

Poor little thing, she just wants to be left in peace after all….and among a huge pile of biscuits!
-thanks for stopping by!


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