>Its All About the Mood

>If you know me at all, or are my friend on Facebook, then you know that I am a sucker for a moody sky. I especially love dark, cloudy, tree rimmed horizons. Something about them just makes me happy. Between that and my love for rainy days I may have a future on a shrink’s couch! But that can wait for another day…maybe a rainy one 😉 Anyway, while driving to IKEA with one of my very best friends I had the camera plastered to the window. These are a few of what I caught:

This one really makes me want to visit Europe. I want to walk around in the fog and drizzle of Stonehenge and all things historic. I’ve started a fund for it, as a matter of fact. Soon, very soon…anyone want to go with? lol

Do you see the sun trying to peek thru the fog/clouds here? Look closely…

Love the hint of the blue skies behind all the fog. They sooooo wanted to come thru!

They’re not sharp, definitely grainy, but the mood is there. And really, when you’re looking at a photograph, isn’t it the mood that you remember?
-thanks for stopping by!


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