>Yard Work

>Remember that adorable puppy that came to our house back in March? Yeah, she’s a nut. Last week we had some unseasonably warm weather and she really enjoyed it. Made it darn difficult to get her to stay in the house. Or to convince her that it was time to go back in. See what we deal with:

I love, love, love how her ears flop when she runs!!

Here she’s looking at Miss Ethel to see what she’s doing.

Now Ethel prefers to be inside. She does her business then patiently waits to be let back in. Definitely spoiled. See her tormentor in the background there? lol. But don’t let that innocent look on Ethel’s face confuse you. She’s perfectly capable of putting that pup in her place!

On a business note, I’ve managed to successfully finish up all proofing. Michelle Davies Photography had a great fall. But! It’s still not too late to get into the studio for some family portraits. Also, if you prefer a more traditional setting, senior portraits can be taken there as well.

As always
-thanks for stopping by!


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