>My Blue Eyed Boy

>This is Eric. Eric has long been a fixture at my house. He’s ate countless meals, done a ton of homework and harassed me on end. Yeah, I really like him. And while I’m sure his mother will never give him up, I definitely consider him one of my own đŸ˜‰ So, when he finally decided on having me do his senior photos, I happily agreed. We started out at the football field where’s he practiced for thousands of hours:

I had to work to get him to smile for me but the effort was totally worth it. Oh, and while you can’t see them clearly here, he’s got really incredible blue eyes to go with that smile.

Oh, and while he is very smart-we’re talking National Honor Society since middle school-he’s also a great athlete. Not only does he play football he also plays basketball. So we had to get a few with that in mind.

Eric’s got this car….and he kind of likes it. So a few of him and it were required. Favorite:

If you’re a longtime reader you know I have that one rule, that everybody jumps, right? Even if you have bad knees and insist that you can’t….you jump! Eric, you got some AIR!!

Thanks Eric for a fun session! I always enjoy bothering…er…talking to you! I hope you enjoy your senior year and I’ll see you at my kitchen table soon!
-thanks for stopping by!


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