>Family Fun

>Does this family look familiar to you? Well the kids have definitely grown a little bit but they are still the awesome, connected family that I remembered. And they picked another awesome location for their family shoot! We met up at the local historic fort for some family fun. There were lots of cool old trees around so we took advantage of the shade of this one.

We also meandered around the city park across the river. This gazebo made a perfect spot for some shots of the kids. I love how their unique personalities shine thru, even in a group picture.

Hey! I caught him smiling at me! He’s all boy–and didn’t want much to do with the camera. So I was quite delighted to get a few of his mischievous smile.

Beautiful. Dad, you’d better get ready for the onslaught of boys at your door! Miss K is going to have them lined up before you know it!

And this gentleman is one of my favorite past students. He’s just such a bright, engaging young man that I can’t help but have a fond spot in my heart for him. I miss seeing him so he’s going to come visit me more at the elementary school. You are, aren’t you? Aren’t you?! 😉

Thanks Adams Family for letting me spend time with you again. I had an awesome time with you all. I only wish I had had my video camera going for that one little incident….LOL!
-thanks for stopping by!


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