>Cloudy with Scattered Rain

>Meet Charlie. Now, I gotta tell ya, I love traditional names. Names like Fred, John, Joe, and most definitely Charlie. So, I knew, going into this session, that I would probably like him. He did not disappoint. Although he really didn’t want to get his picture taken (admit it, Charlie) I soon had him jumping around and he even doing back-flips! Yes, I have that effect on people 😉 But first we started off easy. Charlie is a pitcher for his high school baseball team so, of course, we had to get some of him in his uniform.

Gotta tell ya, Charlie, you just look ornery. I love that sparkle in your eye.

We decided to head down the road to a field with a stream running through it. Since we’ve had a very dry fall it started to rain almost as soon as we stepped out of the car. I did manage to get a couple of him in the field. This one is a definite favorite from the day.

And this one? Yeah, most definitely on my list of top ten’s. The smile, the sky and the guy with the ornery smile all add up to an awesome portrait. Can’t even see the drizzling rain here, can you? The trick is to shoot between the rain drops.

I managed to throw Charlie against this tree before we had to duck and run for the cars. I think it was well worth my humidity/rain inspired hair-do that I suffered through the rest of the night. lol And look at how at ease with the camera he is! You’re a natural, whether you want to be or not, Mr. C!

Charlie, thanks for putting up with me and my camera for a short while. I promise we’ll make up for that nasty rain soon!
-thanks for stopping by!


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