>Meet Tyler. He’s a kicker. No, I don’t mean a kicker and a screamer. I mean a kicker for his high school football team. Of course, I don’t know about his childhood….he may have been a kicker and a screamer. I’ll have to ask his mom 😉 Anyway, besides being a kicker he’s pretty darn handsome too!

I think by now you’ve all learned to look at the eyes. So I won’t bother to repeat myself. Unless, of course, you forgot how much I love eyes. In that case, you might want to look at Tyler’s. Oh, and let’s look at the “attitude” of this shot, shall we? Because I love how it shines thru in this photo:

Good thing Tyler and his mom said they like fall color. Because if they didn’t this photo would so not be for them….

Told you he played football! He wore the jersey to prove it! And Tyler? You’ll always be #1 in my book. Sorry, sorry, but seriously, how could I resist that?

Have you ever stopped to think how versatile picnic tables are? They have many, many uses besides just being a place to eat bbq at. They also make great places to sit to get superb smiles and stunning color.

Thanks Tyler for contacting me for your Senior Photos! I hope the football season treats you well and that you enjoy the rest of your senior year!
-thanks for stopping by!


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