>Breanna-Carroll High School

>Meet Breanna. Breanna’s not sure how she found about me, but boy am I glad she did! Talk about one put together young lady! Gorgeous, smart and *WOW!* photogenic! Check it:

Yeah, and that one above was one of the first photos I snapped. Breanna was rockin‘ it right off the bat! And it just kept getting better! Even in black and white her eyes just sparkle.

Umm….are you kidding me? Breanna? When you get ready to model just let me know ‘cuz I wanna show the talent scout this photo. Yeah, you heard me!

This photo has lots of things I love in it: backlighting, yellow roses, eyes that are amazing and a beautiful smile. Favorite! Anyone else besides me thinking that this needs to be printed big?

I thought I would leave you with a smokin‘ hot photo. Its a good thing we shot these on an early Sunday morning or Breanna would have caused a traffic jam!

Breanna, I’m so glad you found me for your senior photos! I hope you had as much fun as I did wandering around downtown.
-thanks for stopping by!


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