>That would be the first word that I would think of to describe Danielle. She’s the younger sister of this guy. It was so fun to get to see how much alike they are….and how different! The eyes are definitely very similar. So, of course, I was in heaven. Danielle also has the same easy-going personality as her big brother (and her mom, too!) That personality just shines thru in her photos, as evidenced by the relaxed, confident smile you see here:

In keeping with her relaxed nature, Danielle wanted to do some outdoorsy, casual, with tons of fall color shots. Check! How’s that color for you? I love how she stands out here.

Happy is another word to describe Danielle. She was teasing her mom on how she should “pose” and looked up and me and laughed about it. Bingo! Perfection is in the little moments!

Again, relaxed and easy going. Love, love, love this shot. This just may go in the new studio as a sample canvas…be on the lookout!

Now, Danielle is a gymnast, which is where I got the “energetic” description for her. She did lots of leaps and bounds for me, but I love how this shot shows the progression of her career. I’m so glad that she thought to bring these photos! Lots of memories wrapped up in this shot.

Thanks Danielle for asking me to take your senior portraits. I had a great time with you and your mom! Plus, I learned a bit about gymnastics. Let me know when your meets are!
-thanks for stopping by!


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