>If you know me, or have asked me about my background in photography/art, then you know that I was first trained in art. And, while it wasn’t specifically Fine Art, I did have to do some courses in it. So, when I pulled Miss Jessica’s photos thru my card reader the first thing that came to mind was CLASSICAL. Do you see it? The eyes…the complexion…the Mona Lisa smile? Yes, she’s a totally classic beauty. Oh, and the eyes! The eyes! Not since my own girls have I loved brown eyes so much!

Here is a perfect example of classic, aka timeless. Perfection in black and white.

Did I mention she’s sweet, smart and fun to talk to? I didn’t? Well take my word for it. Plus she’s got a killer sense of style. I told her this red should be a constant in her wardrobe from here on out because it just makes her shine.


I really liked the fun hair piece. I think its awesome when you add those little touches that make an outfit all yours.

Jessica, I had a great time hitting the pavement with you and your dad. It was fun to chat with a “dad” for a change šŸ˜‰ Now I just have to see him in his running shoes!
-thanks for stopping by!


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