>T is for Tons of Laughs and Smiles

>You know how you meet people who have such an infectious smile, laugh and personality that you can’t help but be happy around them? Well Taryn is one of those people. She has a smile (paired with incredible blue eyes) that just shine for the camera. Check it:

I know! I know! She’s adorable! And she was willing to go along with all my crazy ideas for her photos. Which included stuffing her in an outside niche. This one is definitely one of my favorites.

And while she’s cute she also rocks out the super-model role. This one here needs-no demands-to be printed large. Taryn, your attitude, smile and kickin‘ style shine thru in this one.

Blue eyes. Shall I get all poetic or do you just want to fill in the blanks yourself?

Um….hello?! Is this not the total definition of adorable? Yes, yes I believe it is. This one just shines in black and white. Taryn you may need to wear this hat often. Or lend it to my Danielle! 😉

Thanks so much for spending a fun afternoon with me! I really enjoyed chatting with you and your mom.
-thanks for stopping by!


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