>Like My Own

>With four children there are lots of friends coming and going through my house on a daily basis. And while I like them all (my kids have good taste in their peers) there are some that become just like my own children. Tyler is one of them. He’s been hanging around for the past several years…coming and going for homework…being invited to bonfires….good thing I like him! So when he asked me if I would do his senior portrait,s I was honored. Plus, he’s really cute! I enter into evidence Photo 1 :

See? I do not lie! And, even though you can’t see the incredible shade of blue his eyes are here, you get the idea of why I love them.

Fall color? Yes please! Anyone else thinking this needs to be printed big? Anyone? Anyone?

Now, I gotta tell ya, I’ve done a lot of jump shots. A lot. It’s kinda one of my rules that all seniors must jump. Sometimes we get busy and forget but the majority of my clients jump. But this one? This one? This one is an all time WINNER! Seriously, Tyler, you rocked this out!!! This just may get printed big for my wall! lol

Tyler did have one request: he wanted his name in lights. Check, mark and great idea! You’re a star now Tyler!

Thanks for spending the evening with me, Tyler. I know you now realize just how crazy I am….let’s keep it between us shall we? Hope to see you on my doorstep soon!
-thanks for stopping by!


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